Her Too Charitable Soul

Émile Legouis on Wordsworth and Annette Vallon:

And when William allowed his budding passion to burst forth, her too charitable soul was powerless against his ardour.


On a recent trip to Chicago, Kenneth compared Bistro 110's Salad Niçoise with our house version and Monty's valiant though often lackluster attempt. In recent weeks, the peak of tomato season made for lots of delicious salads, including the two below. The first is our house version of Salad Niçoise. The second is the quick, convenient variation (potatoes boiled instead of roasted, everything mixed in together, boiled eggs jettisoned to save time, etc.) that I make when it's just me for dinner. Bistro 110 includes a wee mound of anchovies. For a wee mound of reasons, I prefer to use anchovy paste in the dressing.

House Version

Home Alone (it's hard to get an attractive photo of flaked tuna)