Dug Earrings Out Of The Car

Discovered in a plastic container
out of sight at the back
of the fridge

(Somehow, I've convinced myself that
"dug earrings out of the car" is
a line
from Sonic Youth,
maybe in an outtake
from the recording of EVOL.
I wish Sonic Youth would cover
At the Ballet. Also,
all my favorite lyrics from A Chorus Line
strung together
are a Sonic Youth

Locked in the bathroom with Peyton Place
I stuff her shoes
With extra socks.
"Diff'rent" is nice, but it sure isn't pretty
More like a "Come as you are."
Please God, I need this job
Dug earrings out of the car.

Shit, Richie, Shit, Richie.

Look my eyes are dry.
It didn't go down for three years,
Or the record player... Broke.
I'm gonna be a movie star:
Bought myself a fancy pair.
Dug earrings out of the car.
Dug earrings out of the car.

They called me "Nothing."
It's a mess.


Rei's favorite @ 5:30

This post goes out with huge thanks to Bradford.



No More Blender Hollandaise

Bittman writes, "Once a challenging sauce to make, hollandaise became a breeze with the invention of the blender; there's little reason to make it any other way." The 75th-anniversary edition of JOC counters: "Easy but less flavorful and paler in color than handmade hollandaise." Color and flavor may constitute "little reason" but for me they're reason enough. I'd also add control and consistency to the gloss of Bittman's "little reason." This post with thanks to Christine for opening my eyes to JOC and appreciation of Kenny's raised eyebrow-- "When I spent a day in the kitchen at Harvest, they didn't use a blender to make hollandaise to fulfill a diner's off-menu request..."