3 Women

1. He was like, "Just do a google search for 'Amy Winehouse barefoot.'"

2. Carol King-- god love her-- is an horrendous actress.

3. "Assia Wevill, for whom Ted Hughes left Sylvia Plath, committed suicide in the same way Plath did.
With the difference that she gassed the child that she had had by Hughes as well."
-David Markson, Reader's Block



A quick dinner before the roller derby bout last night. I share these Crab Burger Po' Boys in great part because of my inexplicable decision to serve them with carrot sticks. Following my mother's example, I cut the carrots then soaked them in water in the fridge for a couple of hours to make them super crisp. When, upon seeing the place, Kenny exclaimed "Carrot sticks!" I knew I'd done something right. That's a beet and blue cheese salad up above. Lots of roots on the menu, I know, but it's the dead of winter here in WI, yo!?!


"How conceivable is it for the emptiness to simply exist?"

-David Markson, Reader's Block

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
4. Installation View


Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
1. Linda

Not Full of Shit, For a Change

The best part of my colonoscopy-- apart from being told that I don't have colon cancer and didn't have any pre-cancerous polyps to be removed-- was that the nurse had to fish out a bigger blood pressure cuff for my bulging bicep.


From the UW Archives:
Stuart Voight

Stuart Voight, a star member of '68-'70 Big 10 championship-
winning indoor and outdoor track teams, 1969

On reading Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

I like most any book that includes the adverb pissily.


Things You Should Hear

Piped in at Knoxville's West Side YMCA

Friday December 28, 2007
Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Cher, Believe
[back-to-back for reals]

Sunday December 30, 2007
Non-stop contemporary Christian


Cheddar Soup

Gordon Riots

"Susannah [Clark] remained in the area muttering imprecations for two or three hours until the same or another party of rioters passed by. She insisted that they follow her. Beaver, she howled, was a secret papist; but Beaver showed the leader of the rowdies Stackhouse’s History of the Holy Bible and other Protestant books, and the defenders of Protestantism were satisfied."

from Eugene Charlton Black. The Association: British Extraparliamentary Political Organization 1769-1793. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1963. 165.


Snow Love

Snowy truck through a snowy window. 14-18 inches in 18-24 hours. For me, it's embracable chaos.

His: For (and originally from) Bradford

Doll underpants (and towel) hung with tiny clothespins in our bathroom.

Snow's STILL a-comin'

Apparently yesterday's celebration of snow has been fully acknowledged. It's a near white out. UW-Madison classes after 3:30 are canceled, and city bus service will conclude at 7:00 pm. It's a snow miracle.


From the UW Archives:
"Snow's a-comin'"

Images in celebration of today's forecast. Which is not to suggest that we've been at a loss for snow this season. I pretty much always celebrate snow.

Hoofers ski rental, circa. 1950

Sled race on Lake Mendota during the 1984 Hoofer Winter Carnival

Skiing on Bascom Hill, circa 1940-1955

Things You Should Hear

(aka things I love to hear)

-Kenny singing Pink Floyd in Ethyl Merman voice.

-The voice of Mufids [back story not available] as performed by Kenny.

-Recordings by Chromatics of Running Up That Hill and Mask.

-Aggie MacKenzie saying "fecal matter."

-Kenny singing in the shower, esp a mash up of Loving You and Bad to the Bone which he later denied having sung. (He acknowledged the former, denying only the latter.)


After Years

After years of flat- and tinned-tasting Fuji apples, I'm eating the most vibrant, wonderfully flavored Fuji: a taste that rolls from just shy of sharp sunniness to warm mellow sweet to mottled earthy tang. Amazing.