-Cool, man—were you working in the Valley?
-No, at an AIDS service organization. And before that, I cleaned the public spaces of apartment buildings and condos.




If she’s not thriving, at least she’s enduring. It’s the scale that makes this horrific.



This one’s undeveloped. But, what insights would’ve been gained from staying ninety minutes more? And so, here we have reached the place where If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you… becomes Please just strand us on a damned desert island.




We didn’t see or hear anything—except beauty. On that day, we did not experience anything out of the ordinary. I felt much better after I complained.


For Andrew

What does unisex mean? I ask because, at least hereabouts, red cabbage is far from red.



Self-portrait in the present

Who’s a naughty boy?

A fan sent me a copy of a copy of a copy, taped off TV: it’s Derek McCormack, who is an alcoholic, talking about tits’ intricacy and the bangs of freight-hopping. “This hat isn’t just for show,” he insists, “You can’t do beauty to the end of everything, see-- just to salvage the small errors of this verb’s age. Enjoy.”


Hogtied and burping up conviction, I no longer recognize the harm of my own observation of so many shitty movies on Netflix. Instead, I find out more and more how to SPEAK WITH FAUX AUTHORITY ALWAYS.




Self-portrait in the present

The dangers of a sloppy doctrine turned a "Hard-faring race" into a "Hard-farting race.” To this end, God may have wreaked some retribution, some revenge, some punishment. Or, maybe the whole shebang just defaulted into a dumb counter-hegemonic pissing match.



Considering the implementation of a silicone implants or six pack abs only policy—no Bruce Vilanch, no Septimus Smith— I finally admit that we’re getting very late Roman Empire here. The whole place is an AstroTurfed gymnasium; we might as well be building a monument to our own nausea.

Then, I recall having long believed that here, in 1979, I was the cause of an actual fight between two boys who both chose me.

You fool! That ribbon was minimized eons ago. You can’t access the file—it’s missing.

I recall feeling slightly proud but disturbed by that, that though I cannot see that world, or hear it, yet I am of it. I know that looks like a bit of poolside hocus pocus sort of thing, but in truth actually it’s not. But we know it’s not. Because these kinds of sums appear in physics, and in physics, we don’t get Instagram answers. The wherewithall: here, I can imagine it. Helen Hayes, Helen Churchill Candee, Helen Taft, Helvitica, Helen Carter, Helen Suzman, Helen Hunt, Geschichte des Hellenismus, Hellas Montes



Like so many Herbs and Fruits which I do not remember, this has been the best semester, and I missed most of it.



{such as could not be resifted were really confused.}
You okay? Sometimes, sometimes. Busy work? Sometimes.