Overheard at home

Kenneth: You know what everyone needs? A W-cover makeover. You get totally retheorized on the cover of W.

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I have no authorization to publish these images, but because they're publically available on flickr and because they're so gorgeous (both individually and as a pairing), up they go onto the blog. I'm so delighted for Jeanna, Ale, and Margo.


(Re)Livin' in the 80's

Lately, I find myself in pursuit of trends and styles that initially horrify me. Maybe this isn't just a new thing???? My San Francisco shopping list was heavily inspired by jaw-droppers discovered in recent issues of Cargo. In my *limited* shopping time over spring break, I searched for a pair of pin-striped jeans... to no avail. I finally broke down and used Brad's laptop to buy a pair on ebay (Brad suggested ebay-France, but only after I had clicked BUY IT NOW). Jeans on ebay?! I know: a total gamble. But for $2 w/o shipping, I decided I could afford it. The verdict: I love them! They aren't phat (my biggest fear), and they hug my ass in a seemly fashion. The stripes appear to be part of the fabric's texture-- a nice hint of subtlety in what might be a revolting choice of styles. For better or for worse, the woven belt did not come with... Perfectly pleated pants are my next trick. I suspect they'll be harder than the jeans: I'm looking for a very boxy flat single pleated pant, like this pair by Miu Miu which, sadly, I can't afford just now...


More Unsolicited Clarification

The woman who said "Oh, names are just labels" was flirting with a barista (Matthew Harmon, if you must know) who aloofly admitted-- while drying some cups-- that he just couldn't remember her name.

Recorded Before a Live Audience in San Francisco


Broadcasting Live from San Francisco: Overheard in Ritual Coffee Roasters

Person A: Oh, names are just labels.


Person B: I got two chicken sandwiches for you to choose from. I knew the differences between them when I was looking at the menu, but that was, like, minutes ago...