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Sometimes-- perhaps even often-- I wonder why people
keep doing the things they do. Then I see some things
like this, and I'm so thankful that they do.
very busy
very busy
very busy
very busy
very busy
very busy
very busy




"At almost every step in life, we meet with young men of just about Holgrave's age, for whom we anticipate wonderful things, but of whom, even after much and careful inquiry, we never happen to hear another world. The effervescence of youth and passion, and the fresh gloss of the intellect and imagination, endow them with a false brilliancy, which makes fools of themselves and other people."

-Hawthorne, The House of Seven Gables


Still Loving

(if you must opt for only one dose of Jo Ann today, I recommend the Ecstatic)

Jo Ann with cake:

Ecstatic Jo Ann:

Pregnant Jo Ann:







At its upcoming concert, Ballet Arthritique will perform
a work based on this image.



From the UW Archive:

Memorial Union Art Gallery, 1938, c. 1960, and c. 1970.



"These criteria inevitably have positive content. They enable confidence that the discourse will circulate along a real path, but they limit the extension of that path. Discourse addressed to a public seeks to extend its circulation—otherwise, the public dwindles to a group—yet the need to characterize the space of circulation means that it is simultaneously understood as having the content and differential belonging of a group, rather than simply being open to the infinite and unknowable potential of circulation among strangers. Reaching strangers is public discourse’s primary orientation, but to make those unknown strangers into a public it must locate them as a social entity. Public discourse circulates, but it does so in struggle with its own conditions."
-Michael Warner, Publics and Counterpublics

How lovely
to have a group instead of a public. Dear reader, thank you for participating in my group.

If you began to lose faith in the midst of the above quotation, here's a more hopeful one from the same tome:
"I cannot say in advance what romping will feel like in my public of She-Romps."


From the UW Archive:
Oui Hate Porn

Anti-porn protest, late 70's.






More of the Best of 2009

apologies for any glitchiness from google docs.


2009 Best of

Apples & onions with rosemary
Big Eds by Saxon Creamery
Brussels sprouts with almonds
Cara cara oranges
Frilly mustard greens, raw or sauteed
Golden beets, blue cheese, walnuts, basil, sweet onions, balsamic vinaigrette (what at first seemed hopelessly old-fashioned became simply ideal and endlessly delicious)
Heirloom apples
Huguenot torte (vintage NYT recipe)
Navarro Vinyards Gewürztraminer Grape Juice
Okra parboiled before breaded and fried
Pizza Brutta with Clara (later meal there with Bradford was good but the food less perfect)
Pot du creme au chocolate avec caramel salé et crème Chantilly (from birthday dinner at Sardine)
Radicchio, almond, and cherry salad (Mark Bittman recipe)
Red romaine from the apple farmers
Sassy Cow Creamery (also Sugar River Dairy yogurt)
Strawberry pizza ( Jeremy Fox recipe)
Sugarloaf radicchio
Summer fruit cakes
Technicolor cauliflower
Whoopie Pies (NYT recipe)

To be heard in the voice of the femmy Latino/a? MC at San Francisco karaoke bar The Mint who followed up Kenneth's flawlessly sly performance of a certain Kenny Chesney number with the comment, "A tractor can be sexy, I guezz": Provincial can be gastronomically appealing, I guezz.



I think that he stops speaking English, and then he doesn't want to speak English. And then that's it.


2009 Best of
Facebook Status Updates

Following Facebook's mid-year redesign, I'm unsure whether these things are still considered to be status updates. I'm sticking with the old term for now.

1. Erk has never been prouder than when Kenneth reponded, "Who is Spears?"
February 23, 2009 at 10:23pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (5)

2. Erk: People have ideas, and then they do things.
September 13, 2009 at 10:12pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (6)

3. Erk: the best trick-or-treater was a tiny bee. Empty-handed (dad, at the end of the walk, held the bag). Chocolate smeared liberally around her face. Chewing on candy. Kenneth described her as "pure id." I filled her wee hands with all the treats she could carry.
November 1, 2009 at 1:08pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (9)

4. Erk gasped when he thought James McCourt had died and then exclaimed, "Oh, it's only Frank McCourt!" (With apologies to the fans and memory of FM, all surely deserving respect and so forth.)
July 23, 2009 at 12:02pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (1)

5. Erk momentarily confused La Jetée and Jean Naté™.
September 20, 2009 at 7:16pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (7)

6. Erk gleefully fed Kenneth spoonfuls of chocolate buttercream.
November 25, 2009 at 9:40pm Friends and Networks · Comment · View Feedback (7)

7. Erk still, after sleeping on it, longs to be Winslow Leach.
January 5, 2009 at 9:23am Friends and Networks · Comment


2009 Best of
Images Bradford Shared by Email Attachment

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emailed 11. 28. 09 [sent as 3 separate images; triptych composed by Erk]

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