E: Hi, love! Can I interview you for my blog?

J: I would love to be an interviewee... Ale and I are jetting off to Rome early tomorrow morning (!) without Margo (!!!) for spring break. So, I'll have to get back to you when I have time to be thoughtful.

[Before crossing the ocean, J had time to answer a second question.]

E: Brad says you read all the style blogs. What's best? What's the most well-kept secret? What should I be reading?

J: That's easy... though the ones i like best are pretty big names by now: Jak and Jil Blog and Garance Doré. I also really love this (lesser known?) one, hello francis. And these: le FASHION,
VAIN & vapid, and Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland.

E: Thank you, love! Have a blast in Rome!! I look forward to more answers. They needn't be long. We like short. But, of course, we always like thoughtful.


'Nanner puddin' time

for Christine

Not a beautiful pudding (I'll work on that, keeping in mind that its
messiness might be integral--), but I'm pleased with its mysterious
fluffy, creamy, polyvalent deliciousness.



Golden Slippers

I'm thrilled with the images of these golden-strapped flip
flops which occasionally appear in the bottom of a locker
near mine at the gym where I snapped the pictures very
quickly and somewhat surreptitiously.


Albuquerque Bedding

burns in blanket & sheet so wafer thin that text of mattress label legible through it.


It's Curtains

They're adorable.


With mad thanks to Kenneth whose researches dug this up.

Recent Outtakes




After watching Coolio on AFV's "Best of the Best" special, I am a
devout fan. The guy is hysterical and very serious about America's
Funniest Home Videos
. I can relate. Often touted as stupid, AFV
never ceases to delight and inspire me.

Here Coolio sings the praises of a video in which a chimp sticks its
finger in its butt, sniffs the finger, and then topples off the branch
as if overwhelmed. In asserting the strength of this video, Coolio
argues against the dull, witless Picabo Street. I'm so with Coolio.




My Winter Olympic Masculinity

· fin ·
this series in loving memory of Margit Carstensen (1940- )