Ah, no, dear sir! let us not watch the loveliest of all earthly flowers till it becomes degraded in our eyes by a decay which it was born to undergo. Let it be a dream in our philosophy that it still remains in all its prime, and that so it will remain in some purer clime through all the vicissitudes of future ages.
- James Hogg, The Shepherd's Calendar
"The Red Lacquer Screen in the gloaming.... In the daytime all is red, is gaudy with the blowsy, blooming peonies in elegant vases flaunting their heads in a ceremonious row beneath the mountebank scene of gaiety."
-Denton Welch, Journals (6 Nov 1942)





Easily Slipt Down

"To conclude from all, what is man himself but a micro-coat, or rather a complete suit of clothes with all its trimmings? As to his body, there can be no dispute; but examine even the acquirements of his mind, you will find them all contribute in their order towards furnishing out an exact dress. To instance no more: is not religion a cloak; honesty a pair of shoes worn out in the dirt; self-love a surtout; vanity a shirt; and conscience a pair of breeches; which, though a cover for lewdness as well as nastiness, is easily slipt down for the service of both?"

-J. Swift, A Tale of a Tub



When Knnth's away, pasta.


Walking over rough ground

"I enjoy the taste of bitter and sour things. I take pleasure in walking over rough ground, up hills, and through thickets. Apart from my studies, I neither have nor desire the spices of life, and when they are offered to me, I reject them."





Dickens amuses

"Stay, Mr. Jingle!" said the spinster aunt emphatically. "You have made an allusion to Mr. Tupman-- explain it."
"Never!" exclaimed Jingle, with a professional (i.e. theatrical) air. "Never!" and, by way of showing that he had no desire to be questioned further, he drew a chair close to that of the spinster aunt and sat down.
-The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club


From the UW Archives:
Lathrop Hall

Play Day in Lathrop Hall (1936)


From the UW Archives:
Lathrop Hall

Lathrop Hall Cafeteria, 1925.
I'm meeting Corby there for luncheon.