oh, ms. tooknap...

...we're so thrilled to have you back.

it's been so long, and we've missed you so.

we saved up these in giddy anticipation of your return.

much love.




Like Knnth, I saw Saturday Night Fever for the first time last Friday night. Shot after shot, line after line, the film blew me away. And the title sequence--
  • with text in garish yet opulent shimmering red,
  • with the at-once dinky and mesmerizing animated strobe of the title proper,
  • with stunning shots of Tony's cocksure yet elegant gate,
  • with its qualified flaneurism,
  • with inverted camera angles both distorting and deifying Tony;
  • with its move from silence (no sound until the shot which presents Travolta's name) to amazing disco groove--
fully exemplifies the movie's richness and complexity.


Afternoon Treat

Citron Oolong and a Valomilk.


Gentle readers, I'll spare you my enthusiasm for Patrick Stewart as Picard but not my passionate delight in the Klingon sisters of the house of Duras, Lursa and B'Etor.

Of their ruthless machinations & foul humours I cannot get enough.

B'Etor effacing:

Lursa twirling her hair:

Both recoiling at human femininity:


from Sprat's History of the Royal Society (1667)

Q. 8. What ground there may be for that Relation, concerning Horns taking root, and growing about Goa?
A. Inquiring about this, a Friend laught, and told me it was a Jeer put upon the Portuges, because the Women of Goa are counted much given to lechery.






glimpses of baby turnips with their greens with love for lily