So fancy.

I can't stop thinking about this pic of Mr. M. Cepress. So fancy.


Fried Eggs

Tonight I fried poached eggs and served them on a bed of creamed spinach. Battering poached eggs stressed me out-- they're so delicate-- but the process isn't as impossible as it might sound. I broke one yolk (as I was lifting the egg out of boiling water) and even that one turned out nicely!

Rest in Peace

Van Smith


George W. S. Trow


My Life in Lilliput

On any given day, numerous things come out of Kenneth's mouth that thrill me and reconfirm my delight in our togetherness. A most recent example of this: his off-the-cuff use of the term Lilliputian.

One side of the dining room table:

The opposite side of the same table:


The latter picture-- the evidence not of laundering but of frenzied dressing-- resulted from my newest acquisition:

Unlike other Bratz Boyz, this Cameron looked very young and boyish in his original outfit. He's a "High School Style: Cool 101" doll after all, but with his page-boy cut he looked more like 9 or 10. I immediately changed him into a more mature look in an effort to maintain my presentation of the BB's as dolls of gays in their early 20's.

I put High-School-Style Cameron's cute shoes and socks on London-Punkz Eitan:

The shorts are also from the new doll. I like them, but I'm not sure they're working here. In case you can't tell, Eitan is on his way to Baker Beach; he has a beach towel poking out of his bag.