New Year's Day

Some time ago On New Year's Day 2010, after we watched an entire season of Celebrity Rehab Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew in a single 24-hour period (maybe even a 12-hour period), Knnth decided we should each rank the celebrities from favorite to most repellent. His ranking appears on pink. My list on the far right was used just to ensure that I included everyone. You will note that our main disagreements have to do with James and Kari Ann. Knnth was NOT satisfied that some of the celebrities tied on my list(s). I wasn't aware of that rule.







(photos of blooming crab apple by Angela Richardson)



Perhaps the best photo ever taken.



Spot Sequence - Final Cut

The Spot Sequence series ran 2008-09 on Or, Notices (I think we called ourselves Siege of Derry in that period). When Knnth & I moved to the westside in the middle of '09, my patterns of movement shifted, and I no longer passed the spot on a consistent basis. Somewhere, perhaps on my old phone or tucked in some electronic folder, there are spot photos snapped after May 2009. I dithered over them from time to time but never felt at ease with them as continuations of the sequence. Following my initiation of the Picture Window series in May 2010, I ceased to worry about the Spot Sequence, feeling as though the new series, though different in its conception and execution, adequately compensated for the derelict sequence. All but the initial photos of the Spot Sequence included both the trash bin and the lamp. This, in fact, became the central criteria or condition for the photos. With the recent discovery that the lamp has been cut down and removed, I feel compelled to mark formally the series' conclusion. A new lamp has been erected on the opposite side of the path just to the south west of the spot. In fact, I snapped an image of it recently without noticing the status of the spot's lamp, which perhaps had already been removed at that time.