Last paragraph of Nancy Keats. "The History of Ellen Burstyn: The actress's Hudson Valley Home is full of memories from her 50-year career." WSJ 17 September 2010: W6--
"She's also acquired a frog that showed up in a pond on her property. She visits 'Froggy' everyday she's home, often taking its photo."
This is a wholly sympathetic, fully celebratory cackle.




Harlan Ellison on conventions:
"I had withdrawn from conventions, not because I didn't like seeing my friends -- I did. But goddammit, man, when you're up in your 70s, you don't need to keep being trotted out like an old warhorse. Like, they trotted out Lionel Richie on America's Got Talent last night, and I felt sorry for him."

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[on cell phones]

brdfrd: There were a million things I wanted to tell you, but I can’t remember any of them.

erk: Oh, that’s okay. You should make a list, when you think of them.

brdfrd: Okay.

erk: You can jot them down whenever and send me the list in advance. Then, we can talk through it the next time we talk.

brdfrd: Oh, I can do that!
[...conversation ends...]

[minutes later in an email from brdfrd,]
SUBJECT: quick list
gusts of revulsion
a kind of rancid staleness
stale gusts of dreariness
waves of nausea
fumes of nausea
flavorless, sickening gusts
stagnant dreariness
whiffs of sickliness
waves of nauseous disgust

The cackler thinks, "It's the best list." He can't wait to talk through it.