"I cherish strangeness because it can shatter ordinary reality ... What I'm after is a new structural possibility . . . the hurtling of strange jewel-like explosions of high dynamics into a continuum of mythic meditative hush." -EH

I figure my current fixation on Bejeweled Blitz as sad and sore longing for strange jewel-like explosions of high dynamics into a continuum of mythic meditative hush.

"One minute. Go." -BB
EH: But I’ve held to my record: _____ I’ve never done a performance, with a tape, in my life. For a very exact reason. ___________ What you’re wanting to ssssee is the living spirit of the music, of the mus,of the musician, as well as the dancers, make it happen ff in front of your eyes. So it’s a very different thing of having a recording of a bull fight and being there in the bull fight.

Erick Hawkins (top- w/ Martha Graham; bottom- w/ Lucia Dlugoszewski)


Erick Hawkins (in center, w/Martha Graham)



Sabine Kupferberg/Jiří Kylián


Whoopie Pies: this weekend's cake was pies.




Then the light changed.




Sabine Kupferberg/Jiří Kylián


As I child, I often believed that the world was filled with hidden cameras and worried about my actions being caught on film. Such notions still flicker into my mind from time to time. How, I wonder, did they originate? THX 1138 is just one of many works demonstrating that I'm not alone in this strange anti-fantasy. It's an anti-fantasy, I think, because it's related to childhood fantasy and imaginary play which involved performing for the camera, imagining an absent yet critical audience which somehow increased the potency of my actions and emotions.

Sabine Kupferberg/Jiří Kylián



Yuriko (w/ Eugene Lester, pianist)



Jin Xing


The notion of hiking nude in the Swiss Alps is so touching, so beautiful, to me. I suspect that my future will not include hiking in the nude (perhaps not even hiking in the Alps), but knowledge of its occurrence makes me happier and more satisfied to be here on earth among the human. More here.