Want some case, number, and gender? The dude who offered them to me is a dude with valuable insight into what certain times would be best for accidents. Is there an ordeal to come? If you can’t do anything about it, bear with my examples because that makes me a lot happier. So I say, that time will work for me.



Wasn’t the experience of train travel lovely? You have a ton of people, and the standpoint keeps them safe.



It’s almost like spring, iddn’ it? This place is as empty as a good shit. Like the annihilation of time and space typically associated with my sexuality. If there is nothing I can do, I guess I am out of views and perceptions.



I’m going to write a sentence. See you then.



Krampus accused me of looking like I’d been nodding on a bisexual vibe. My hands’ flying away injured his follow-up question, “Has such harm ever started to do somebody damage?” Secretly sporting tennis elbow, I may be the original sinner.



The sweetest among us, you ate in the dark, snapping the shot.



Ok, the TV I wanted died of exposure. Turns out no conversation spoke from texting. And, the name of an artist who had committed suicide was homosexual-based.


I can do clinical depression. We can do Sondheim. Then, death remains. This is news.


Erk as Chan Marshall (c. 2006)


Your schedule may not have allowed you to attend your retirement. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of change it helped foster should not prevent everything’s aligning for us to become relevant this Christmas. After seeing this picture, these plans I made for you, you wouldn’t play me by laying—menacinglythousands of eggs per day or by going to the self-indulgent fields to die. We will screw down, down to help meet our technical needs.


Let’s see the arts geek who sued Giant Ali alone for clothes because she believes only her mama can ever be fantastischt or, for that matter, a pop fan.



Tomorrow’s sermon—did you see?—reckons with Rashida Jones for speaking gratitude preemptively. She was doing a radio show, so to speak. We suspected her bigcity dreams of exciting Jojo, who now thinks she can be a beautiful film and television actress, and a new and intolerable occasional singer.

Oooh, public reckoning commands action. Or speaks as though it were a discussion with Rube Goldberg. Sorry, I know I never responded to your shirt with the studs, your five crying heavy weights, your inquiry telling to you of love and snow.



There goes my baby and those two old ghouls. All that’s missing is the Virgin Mary. How sweet. 


Except for Ringo’s, I can’t do obits that come in via satirical tweet. Ringo photographed the detective’s giant skeleton and put it on his Facebook. Is it alright if I take it, that post, and do no more than bide my time? Or are you afraid that, because the first day of the month was a Friday, life’s sweetest reward will make secrets it can never keep?



Bumper stickers lost that weight as part of a scary grammar thing. I don’t want to get into swamps and mires, but what are the consequences of an hiv crank up that’s not late yet? Very good. That looks good. 



A too delicious transgender wrecking ball doesn’t take hair very seriously. Put that by itself, and introduce your sources.