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In a 1645/6 letter from Sir Cheney Culpeper to Samuel Hartlib:

"your resolution to persist in your office of addresse showes me your life of faythe, & how in this (as in the rest of your life) you wrastle not onely without but againste hope."


My New Album by My New Band

If you
think this would be fun for you
to try,

PS. I thought it was fun.




Today's office gossip:
Rose doesn't wash her hands after using the toilet.

btw, the regular is still in circulation. here, with roasted brussels sprouts


I, who play as "Anklet," am proud of any game of Hearts which I win by shooting the moon.
Increasingly, I believe card play is so instructive-- really helpful in day-to-day living.


Kenneth will appear on Jeopardy! this Monday, February 23.
Cheer along with me!


Spot Sequence - Update

2. 9. 09

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Spot Sequence - Update

2. 2. 09

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Spot Sequence - Update

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1. 13. 09

1. 13. 09 (this one captures the lights on the crane in the distance)
"Contrary to modern assumptions about the privacy of the diary form, Smith and his friends often read aloud from their journals to one another, especially after long separations. In such ways, their diaries did not simply trace individual intellectual progress but also aimed to “stimulate abler men to investigate.”

-Bryan Waterman, Republic of Intellect: The Friendly Club of New York City and the Making of American Literature





a sublimely gorgeous valentine
by ms. courtney s.


-Experiments free from the faults of other sorts of Learning
-Objections against learning:
-That it makes men too disputative
-That it takes up too much time
-That it makes our minds Romantic
-That it makes men presumptuous & obstinate
-That its pleasure draws men off from business
-That it makes men regard the times past, and neglect the present
-That it hinders use
-Experiments Usefull for the cure of mens minds
-Experiments not dangerous to the Christian Religion
-Experiments will not destroy the Doctrine of the Godhead
-Experiments not injurious to the worship of God
-Experiments not præjudicial to the doctrine of the Gospel
-Experiments will not overthrow the Doctrine of the Primitive Church
-Experiments will not hinder the Practice of Religion
-Experiments will not destroy the Doctrine of Prophecies, and Prodigies
-On this account Experiments are fit for the present Temper of our Nation
-Experiment not prejudicial to Mortification
-Experiments not dangerous to the Church of England
-Experiments advantageous to Manual Arts
-Manual Arts are still improvable
-Experiments a Proper Study for the Gentlemen of our Nation
-Experiments will be beneficial to our wits and Writers
-Experiments advantageous to the Interest of our Nation
-Experimental Knowledge will not hinder Obedience




"Shall I ever do better? Poh! What a question is that for one who believes in the pefectibility of man!... There is such a thing as Volition, you know. Yes, & I know how feebly it is exerted, where it ought to be rapid & penetrating as the lightnings."

-Diary (1771-98) of Elihu Hubbard Smith

From the UW Archives:
State St. Candlelight Protest

March 1972


Wallpaper Sample

I'm confident that it would go well with décor de Maison Martin Margiela.
Or anything I might choose for the dining room.


In Loving Memory


Ronee Blakely takes murder seriously.



Sectioning Nice But Not Essential

With a new sharp knife in my kitchen, I've gotten into sectioning oranges for salads. A task that once seemed unthinkably tedious has become quite quick and easy. Typically, I squeeze the juicy pith-clinging leftovers of the fruit into a vinaigrette and then don't worry about chucking out most of the orange in the process. But, this picture, despite its blurriness, attests to the beauty of an orange cut into flowery pin-wheels and placed atop some dressed greens.