The part where she changes her underwear
And the swimming pool scene.

A professional woman who has sex
And lives messily.

Pacing that feels unconventional,
like it's got its own stride.

Even mean at moments.
We're still watching The Mindy Project.


We tried Partners,
a show with a well written title.

Other than that--
A funny joke progression about a Clay Aiken tattoo
And some good lines from a proto-gay kid--
That was about all.

Nice to see a stiff vapid gay on tv, nice to see taller gays on tv,
Nice to hear Sophia Bush talk in a sit-down comedy,*

But just not enough to keep us watching.

* We learned this week that, as a child, a friend thought that "sit com" was the opposite of "stand-up comedy," that it was short for "sit-down comedy." Until earlier this week, I thought that the chorus from "Summer Breeze" went "goin' to the casbah in my mind."


From Margit

Endlessly indebted, wut!?


We like to do our part for the cause.

And so / But

we've already opted out of The New Normal.

And so / But

I'll always treasure my memories of Shania

doing Little Edie.


From Bradford

Friends of the Library, a photo essay


From Mary

Gaskell's North & South




From Bradford

gorgeous contact paper in the dismal computer lab



ground egg shells and glue.
in the late 90s, i planned to use this material
to construct a basic birdhouse.