My long absences from the blogosphere wouldn't be so dreadful if being a lapsed blogger didn't feel so akin to, say, being a lapsed Catholic or lapsed friend. "What does this mean? What is wrong with me? How have I come to be this way? I teach writing, I value this form writing, so why can't I make time for quick lithe, witty posts? How invalid have I become?" This is not productive thinking, particularly insofar as it occupies stints at least equal to the time necessary for the production of quick-- though not necessarily lithe or witty-- posts.

While I sort through this ridiculous muck and try (for the umpteenth time) to work up a new momentum on the blog, I aim to post some stuff that I've been working on, just to prove that my life hasn't turned into the vacuous black hole that the above internal dialogue might suggest.

I teach writing and recently met with two superstars from last semester's class in order to develop a handout for my current course. The document is a solid representation of my current professional self. The goal here is not to showboat my edgy pedagogy (lmao) but rather to begin to give some folks-- who otherwise have no idea what my days and nights look like these days-- a contour or two.


Mr. C said...

Erk, I'd love to use this in my class and perhaps do my own version of it with my students. I wouldn't be a good public educator if I didn't ask first.

May I?

Erk said...

Please be my guest!!