Books packed for vacation

  • Aphra Behn, The Works of Aphra Behn Vol. 5: The Plays, 1671-1677
  • E. F. Benson, Miss Mapp
  • Elizabeth Bishop, The Collected Prose
  • Donald Bond, ed., The Spectator, Volume 1
  • J. Hector St John de Crèvecœr, Letters from an American Farmer
  • Daniel Defoe, The Storm or, A Collection of the most Remarkable Casualties and Disasters Which happen'd in the Late Dreadful Tempest both by Sea and Land
  • James Hogg, Altrive Tales: Collected among the Peasantry of Scotland, and From Foreign Adventures by the Ettrick Shepherd
  • Jamaica Kincaid, Lucy
  • Derek McCormack, The Show that Smells
  • Maggie Nelson, Jane: A Murder
  • Lois Potter, Secret Rites and Secret Writing: Royalist Literature, 1641-1660
  • André Leon Talley, A.L.T.
  • H. G. Wells, The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
  • D. R. Woolf, The Idea of History in Early Stuart England: Erudition, Ideology, and 'The Light of Truth' from the Acession of James I to the Civil War
(mind you, i'll never read them all during the 2 weeks. correctly guess which ones i read from, and i'll send you a prize. guess that plus the order in which i read from them, and i'll send you a SUPER prize. hint: i've begun rereading Lucy prior to departure.)

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