From This Weekend's Market

The world's most gorgeous beans.

Peas that are too big and consequently starchy: I was so excited to be back in Madison and to remember the stunningly sweet peas we had earlier in the season from this farmer that I purchased these without thinking. I'll likely make them into a sieved soup in hopes that the chinois will remove the starchiness.

One of my favorite farmers at the market (who also grew the beautiful bean above): "It's broccoli but in a green." A rarity that I love-- can never remember the name, which is Italianate.

Potatoes from another favorite market farmer who insisted 1) that she dug these with her own hands, 2) that they're in an aerated bag on purpose, and 3) that I should put them in the fridge.

Zucchini so tiny they'd please Georganne Brennan.

Two small bunches of Red Russian Kale, $1 each.
Vegetables not pictured: corn, beets, an English cucumber, and cauliflower for a farm-fresh regular.

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