For Vince: Midway to Rockford to Madison

Kenneth and I spent the weekend in Chicago (more on that fun later, perhaps). He then flew to Tennessee for his grandparents' memorial service-- they passed away several years ago, and their ashes will be interred today. I took the bus back to Madison. Bus travel is for me mildly humiliating, filled as it is with the odors of air fresheners, concentrated cigarette consumption, and the deep folds of fabric soured with hours of light sweat. Although his flight left well after my bus, Kenneth landed in Nashville hours before I arrived in Madison; I had to transfer buses in Rockford. Luckily, traveling in the dark, I was able to read on the straight stretches of the trip. And, when the bus's lights were illuminated, the upholstery made me think fondly of Vince, who's known to appreciate such things.

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