Songs composed and sung during my recent morning bike commutes

Where e’er you’re from
In your fancy togs
You look to me
Like fussy frogs.

[I swear that I love the French and bikers.]

Your tiny arms: I’ll break them.

Your scrawny legs: I’ll shake them.

[a death metal ditty that celebrates my new love of weightlifting and consequent disdain for the hardcore bicyclist’s physique.]

She’s drinking coffee while biking
That doesn’t seem like a good thing

But, she is science

That means that she
Knows the weight of energy.

[I don’t know what that last bit means, exactly, but I like it. The woman biking and drinking coffee had a travel mug from some scientific convention: it featured a diagram of a chemical compound.]

Yes, friends, commuting by bike in the morning can be stressful, but singing these verses out loud like an angry yet smiling lunatic makes me feel better.

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