Toni Basil's Mickey is about the torment of the hetero girl falling for her male homo pal-- an anguish to which both parties contribute

1. On Gay Male Incomprehension:
"What a pity
You don't understand:
You take me by the heart
When you take me by the hand."

2. On Friends Flirting/On Gay Male Insensitivity:
"You've been around all night,
And that's a little long.
You think you've got the right,
But I think you've got it wrong."

3. On the Straight Female's Delusion-- Her Belief She Can Comply:
"Anyway you want to do it,
I'll take it like a man."
[This is really the key to my reading.]

4. On the Straight Female's Delusion that Secrecy Can Short-Circuit Gay Sexual Identity:
"Now when you take me by the hooves,
Who's ever gonna know"

4. On the Fag Hag's loneliness:
"Ev'ry night you still
Leave me alone, Mickey"

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