What's Happening in the Backyard?

No Weed Eating sign is in decline:

Once the paint wears away a bit more, I might take it in-- transform it into decor. It will match the VBS announcement board which I want to paint and hang on the wall. I saw lots of beautiful VBS boards this summer: just VBS with dates.

Squirrels are tearing into, beating down, and generally destroying the winter cherries (Physalis alkekengi):

While the fruit (little cherry tomato like things surrounded by the lantern like bladders) can be and is eaten by humans, it causes abdominal pain and miscarriage. I hope those squirrels are okay...?

The rear neighbor's squash vine has grown through the fence:

And- voilà- I harvested a squash just this evening:

Let me know if you think this was unethical. I figured that if I didn't get it some other critter would.

I almost fell over when I discovered these chrysanthemums blooming:

I had one in a container last year; it appears to have seeded and taken hold in the earth. After a brief investigation, I've decided that these sadly are not garland chrysanthemums, the leaves or greens of which can be eaten. Oh well: some future back yard can incorporate those.

My epazote has also moved from container to ground:



MC said...

Not at all unethical! Eat up!

tooknap press said...

It's your right, and duty, to do so. Can you make fried squash blossoms?

Erk said...

Ever since the Squash-Blossom Disaster of August '06, sadly we've steered clear of eating these beauties.

MC said...

I still wanna dye some cloth using squash blossoms. Seems it'd be a fantastic adventure. SUCH an amazing color makes my solar plexus vibrate.