I have coffee on weekend mornings (and holidays). I manual-drip brew Madison coffee roasters Just Coffee's Maya Superdark: 3.5 Tbs of coffee & 1.3 c of water.

This is my coffee cup. We bought it at Target-- to use during vacations in Townsend. But the size was so perfect and it felt so nice in my hand that I brought it home for non-vacation use. Is it awful? I don't know. I'm affectionately resigned to it. Affectionate resignation is, I think, a good thing.


MC said...

My very favorite coffee cup was purchased at Rite Aid pharmacy here in Seattle. It looks not unlike yours, actually. I like it so much I'm considering going back to buy another.

Affection is where its at.

tooknap press said...

"Just Coffee" in "Just Cup."

I think I may have moved to India to become affectionately resigned to everything, but I'm not absolutely sure. I think it's a marvelous cup.